art tKam's features the work of local artists on its walls on a rotating basis. The art is changed every several weeks, and a broad range of media and subject matter is presented. An opening reception is held for each artist so the local community can meet the artist and see his or her work. Announcements of the openings are posted on this website and sent by email. If you would like to receive these announcements, please add your name to our email list by joining our mailing club.




Dates for the showing:  12/12/17 - 1/23/18

Date of the opening / reception:  12/16

Name of the Exhibit: Enigma

Artist Statement / About the Artist:

The act of viewing a painting is the beginning of a dialogue. The mystery and puzzlement of language is the driving force in the creation of these works. If symbols unrelated to known alphabets are employed in a structure of line and form these symbols will convey a mood, even when disconnected from meaning.

My art practice relies on the rhythms and patterns occurring in the flow of language, which I then translate into a visual code. Using the structure of the grid, the basis for cartography and architecture, I apply the symbols of my visual code to encrypt language while maintaining form.

By encrypting the letters, the linguistic meaning is no longer evident. Instead, the code ensures that line and form – the dominant elements of art – are foregrounded.

Color is a constant. Color communicates passage of time and mood. Patterns emerge to create visual rhythms. Disruptions in these patterns is purposefully imperfect. The shapes are universal but the sequence in which they are deployed creates dialogue.

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